Saturday, June 27, 2009

8-bit Music

Not too long ago I wrote about how fans of video games were remixing old game tunes. Today I'm here to talk about a different animal. There is a talented culture of composers who have chosen old-school game system sound as their instrument of choice. The style is called 8-bit and sounds like NES music on speed. These artists have truly pushed 8-bit sound technology to the limit and cranked it up to 11.

Some of these composers use original Gameboy systems to compose and perform their synth-symphonies. The types of music can range from lovely melodies to thumping hardcore electronica but all summon deep feelings of nostalgia as the music is powered by the bleeps and bloops of gaming music past. Some artists include vocal sections, traditional instruments or both as well as the retro sounds.

Personally I find 8-bit music incredibly fun to listen to. To check it out yourself, head over to LAST.FM and look up artists like Bit Shifter, YMCK or 8 bit to name a few. Its cool stuff.

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