Monday, June 29, 2009

Chip tune radio

I know in the past I've talked about 8-bit musicians and about game music remixers and I've given out a few places you can get your hands on some of this musical magic.  Today I'm going to tell you about an awesome site called KOHINA.COM.  

I'm not positive, but I think its perhaps the oldest streaming radio station dedicated to chip tune music.  Chip tunes are usually the music from video game roms that have been ripped out in there own original format.  You can listen to these files with special plug-ins or players.  KOHINA.COM streams this music as well as 8-bit artists.  If your getting into the 8-bit scene and need to get a feel for its roots, this is the place to go.


RetroPengo said...

Chip tunes really can be epic. Great find on the site. I don't know how I never found it in all my varied web-travels.

It's nice to be able to catch geekiness from other like minded dudes :)


jikoo said...

Yes ! Kohina is one of the famous Chiptune radio. There are others. Check here :

8-bit music for... ever ! Love ! ;)