Monday, June 29, 2009

Did you know that the Mario bros worked in demolitions?

One of the often forgotten games of the 8-bit days of yore is Wrecking Crew.  I loved this game.  It basically boils down to a puzzle game in which you are in a construction site and have to destroy everything on the screen without getting caught by the odd little monsters that roam around the site.  The catch is that you have to do so in the right order or you destroy your means of getting to certain areas of the screen and therefor fail to destroy EVERYTHING.

The stars of this game are the legendary brothers, Mario and Luigi.  And the style of the game is very much like that of its cousins: Mario bros. (without the Super) and Donkey Kong.  You have one screen to work with but unlike the others it scrolls up and down to accommodate larger levels.  Also, like with Mario bros, if you spend too much time doing the level little fire balls will appear at the edge of the screen and fly horizontally at you.

Speaking of levels, there are a ton of them, each more complex and challenging than the last and you can start at any level you want.  If there is a level you just can't beat you can skip right to it instead of having to go all the way through the other stages.  If the levels that come already made aren't enough for you, the game also features a level editor that allows you to make your own.  What's cute about the editor is that if you don't pay attention to detail you could end up making a level that can't be beaten.

All in all its a rather awesome game and ranks as one of my favorite titles for the original NES.  If your in a retro mood but don't have an original NES your in luck because it's on of the many retro titles available on the Wii virtual console.

I would definitely suggest checking it out.


RetroPengo said...

My, oh my. I remember this game. This really was an awesome title back in the day. Mario and Luigi really had more jobs than anyone else in gaming didn't they?

Ev said...

Instead of plumbers being there job title it should be contractors because aside from electrical work they've done just about every thing else. Carpentry, plumbing, demolitions...Marios even a doctor! lol