Monday, July 6, 2009

Gaming makes you Super-Human?

We've all heard about how sitting in front of a tv or computer screen all day is bad for us.  And we've all retorted with "It improves hand-eye coordination".  Well I'm here to suggest that perhaps it does more for us than that.

Do you remember the first time you played Quake III or Unreal Tournament?  I do.  I remember getting the crap blasted out of me online by sub-pro gamers because it all seemed to be moving so ludicrously fast.  But I can also clearly remember a few weeks later when I was in a rocket arena and was running directly into an onslaught of rapid fire rockets from multiple guys while side-stepping, bobbing and weaving through them all with ease.  Fact of the matter is, once I was up to speed in those fast paced first-person-shooters everything else seemed kinda slow.

Its actually for this reason I never really liked the Halo series.  It simply moved too slow for me.  Games that were realistic were simply too slow for my taste.  Even real life itself seemed slower.  It was as if my sense of perception had been idled up a bit faster than it used to be.

As ridiculous as it sounds, I even seemed to get better at stuff like sports.  My reaction time had increased.  

Now, this could be just a gamer defending what he loves, but perhaps games can be used to make us better than the average human.  Perhaps, if utilized correctly, games could be used to make Super-Humans!  FPS's for reaction time and heightened perception, RTS's for enhanced
 multi-tasking (mad micro anyone?) and Action/Adventure games for problem solving logic.  All this combined with a Shaolin Kung Fu training regimen could produce an arm
y of god-warriors who could take over the world!  MWAHAHAHAHA!

Then again, most gamers are also procrastinators and have a chronic fear of physical exercise (myself included lol).  We would have to overcome this little hurdle if we wanted to conquer the world.

Just a theory


RetroPengo said...

That explains why Eggman never was able to beat Sonic. Geek loses to Jock for some reason.

When I first started playing video games I noticed that the time it took me to think was shortening. I think you're on to something here.

Ev said...

Yes, I believe that gamers could be the next stage in human evolution... if ever we find the ambition to rise up and take our rightful place as dominant species that is.

RetroPengo said...

Hah! We'd have to stop gaming for that... Good luck on that one. :P