Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Magazines from gaming past

Remember those old issues of Nintendo Power that were like your bible?  Or that copy of EGM that had the preview of that game you were dying to play?  I know that long ago, in a galaxy far far away, I had crap loads of old game magazines that had all seen countless hours of my adolescent / teen time.

Sadly, in the summer of 99 my family moved to another state and I was told by my mother that there was no way she would let me lug the hundreds of magazines I had across state lines to scatter around the floor of another bedroom in another state.  Heartbroken, I was forced to bag them all up (in multiple garbage bags) and put them to the curb (how un-eco-friendly!).

Many times since then have I wished that I still had them.  Or thought fondly back upon the memory of poring over the pages of some ancient gaming tome.  Well, I found an answer to the hole in my soul.  Its called RETROMAGS and it has hundreds of old game magazines and guides from the old days of gaming glory.  

Everything on the site is free to download but your amount of downloads are limited based on how much you participate in the RETROMAGS community.  All you have to do is join up and start posting in the forums.  Once you get 25 posts under your belt you can start downloading from there direct links.  You can increase your weekly download limit by doing other things as well.  You can donate to the community, either with money or by helping out too.  

You don't have to join the community to download mind you.  They have rapidshare links you can download from, but if you've ever used rapidshare as a free user you know how much this sucks.  Personally I don't know why you wouldn't want to become active in this group.  You get to read old game mags and help preserve them for future generations at the same time!  Win win if you ask me.

Check it out!


RetroPengo said...

Oh man! So awesome! I was a Genesis player during the 16 bit days but I still had my NES and my subscription to Nintendo Power. I would always trade my Genesis for my friend's SNES anyway. We always wanted to play what the other one had, cause that was the style at the time.

Where's that kind of gamer to gamer love these days? It's non-existent I tell ya!

Ev said...

I used to pack up my snes and ride my bike across town to my friends house almost every day because his parents wouldn't let him cross the same distance to my house. Gamers would go to great lengths to get some multiplayer action going on back in the day.

RetroPengo said...

More truthful words have never been uttered. :P