Thursday, July 9, 2009

Metal Warriors

On the topic of giant robot games, I'd like to bring you another one of my favorite games from retro-land: Metal Warriors.  This is one of those cult games that were just so amazing that those who played it couldn't stop talking about how awesome they were.

You play as a mecha pilot aboard a starship thats in the middle of a battle for galactic military supremacy.  The game has some rather good animated cut scenes that are more impressive when you realize that the game is on the SNES.  But what really sets the game apart for me is that not only do you have several different robot armor suits that you get you use though out the game, you can jump out of your suit mid level!

On most of the stages there are other battle suits you can find.  If the suit your using is really damaged or the suit you find is a different type that you would rather use, you can simply get out and jump into that one.  As just a human you are really small on the screen.  On many stages there are people walking around doing things or shooting at you with little rocket launchers.  When you hop out of your robot you can fly around and shoot with a little hand gun you have.  

Some levels have sections in which you need to jump out of your suit to flip switches or reach parts of the level that your suit is to big to reach.  There are even levels that end with you hopping out and shooting your way to the bridge controls of an enemy starship to take it over.

Another interesting aspect to the game is the lack of life bars.  Instead, as you take damage your suit looks more and more tarnished.  Your arms will get blown off and eventually so will your shoulder weapons until your helpless.  It also adds an element of fear to the game because as your frantically searching for a repair kit or a different suit to jump into, you never really know how much more punishment your suit can endure before it blows up with you inside.

As if the game wasn't amazing enough as it was, Konami decided to throw in a versus mode.  In the versus mode you can challenge a friend to a one on one grudge match in one of the many versus levels.  Unlike the single player mode, you can pick which robot you start in.

Did I mention that each of the robot battle suits is completely different from the others and have unique abilities that make them even matches for any of the others?  Seriously, this game is perhaps one of the most well made games I've ever seen on the SNES aside from the Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past, which is my favorite game of all time.


RetroPengo said...

Oh lord, I had totally forgotten this game existed. Now I have to go play it again. Oh the memories!


Ev said...

Tell me about it. I probably spent a solid year of cumulative time playing this with my friends.

RetroPengo said...

Pfft, that's a very small amount of time for a gamer ;)