Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Robots Robots Everywhere

As I write this, behind me my two sons are playing a game based on a cartoon franchise that I have come to love.  That franchise is Gundam.  But it's more than Gundam that captivates me.  It's giant robots.  I grew up watching giant robot shows and as an adult I have access to even more anime of this genera than I did as a kid.  But the game they are playing isn't the only Gundam game I own.  In fact, its not even the only game based on a giant robot show I own.

What I'm getting at is that many of the games we play have themes or elements that are strongly influenced by the culture of the country in which they were created.  That country is Japan, and one of Japan's greatest obsessions is giant robots.  I love giant robots too, and have pretty much insured that so will my children when they are adults.  

Think about all the games that feature giant robots in one way or another.  Metal Gear, Mega Man (some of the sub bosses), Star Fox... even some of the Sonic the Hedgehog games have giant robot baddies.  

As I said, I love giant robots.  Well, I found an amazing site that has been around for years in one format or another that delivers more giant robot than you can shake a beam saber at.  Its called Mecha Anime HQ (MAHQ) and it has buckets of info on tons of giant robot (mecha to the geek inclined) shows.  

If you look through the different mecha pages you will find information on any games the different robots are featured in.  There are seriously dozens of giant robot games that are available in english speaking countries.  Thousands in Japan.

Sadly, the site doesn't have a section that features giant robots that are only in games.  Games like Armored Core, Xenogears or the aforementioned Metal Gear, Star Fox, Mega Man or Sonic.  But if you love giant robots like I do then its an excellent site to check out.  Especially if your looking for games based on your favorite mecha shows.


RetroPengo said...

Gimme Heavy Arms now! Lol!

Ahh Gundam, giant mecha space soap operas.

I'm more of a robotech fan, but I do love nearly everything to do with giant robots, including Big-O. What a weird one that one is.

Don't forget games like the MechWarrior series. I've been a huge fan of giant robos ever since Battletech way back in the day.

Ev said...

Oh yeah, Robotech is godhood. I do have to agree with you. If I could only choose one giant robot show to watch it would be Robotech (or Super Dimensional Fortress Macross if you want to get technical). The Macross saga was the best IMO. Genesis climber Mospedia fit ok too, but Super Dimensional Southern Cross was awful.

I have the entire uncensored Robotech collectors boxed set thats got like a billion discs. The wife can testify to how lame the second part was as she was forced to be in the room when I watched the entire collection over the span of about 2 weeks once when I had pneumonia.

Ever watch Macross Plus? Man its incredible, but really points out the differences between the original Macross and Robotech.

RetroPengo said...

I was actually going to talk about Macross Plus in my original comment, but I forgot to. lol.

Macross Plus, the actually 3 hours long one, not the theatrical 2 hour release, was probably the absolute pinnacle of Macross and Robotech for me. The theatrical release was very good too though, but it had some extra stuff added in, but was missing SO MUCH story.

I can only imagine your wife's frustration at the latter bits of Robotech. lol. I would give a toe for that box set, but my toes aren't worth enough. lol.

Ev said...

The Macross Plus miniseries was actually my first introduction to the franchise. I saw a really cool looking VHS at the local video store in the anime section and decided to buy it. I think it was the second of the four. I believe I saw them in the order; 2,4,1,3 lol. But thats the order the store got them in. I've never seen the movie version but always wondered what they added to it that would be worth losing all the other stuff. That and I always wondered why they never released an Ultimate Edition on DVD with all the footage from both sources.

On an odd side note, I've actually seen both the english dubbed(which is the one I originally bought) and the original version with subs and can say that the voices aren't the only things that got redone. In all honesty, the english version had a better audio track. Not the music, but the sound effects and atmospheric sounds. I don't know why it was different, but it was.