Thursday, July 2, 2009

Zelda Re-Orchestrated

Have you ever been playing one of the old Zelda games and said to yourself "Man I wish Nintendo had used an orchestra to make this soundtrack!"?  Well, your prayers have been answered.  Not by Nintendo, but by an industrious team of digital musicians.  They call themselves "Zelda Re-Orchestrated" and they use high end sound samples and synthesizers to imbue a realistic symphonic sound into the music of the Zelda series.

They have re-orchestrated songs from just about every game in the Zelda series and they add new songs constantly.  There is seriously TONS of them and all of them are free.  They have a download section and a listen section were all the music is available and separated by album.  The even have a few albums they call "Soundscapes" in which they mix the songs with
 atmospheric sounds to give the feel that your in the game world and the music is simply playing around you.

When I discovered this site it truly blew my mind, so if your a Zelda fan you should check it out HERE.


RetroPengo said...


wow. that's really.... EPIC

awesome find! thank you so much for sharing. this is amazing.

Ev said...

Your welcome! I know how you feel because when I found it I almost pooped myself.