Monday, August 3, 2009

Home media server made easy

To those of you who didn't read about it already, I use a Mac. But that is not where our story begins. No, our story begins with the Nintendo Wii. You see, the Wii has a cute little feature that lets you put an SD card from your digital camera into the Wii and view your pictures and videos on the tv. Well, I thought "Gee, if you can view videos taken with the camera why can't I convert a video to that format and watch it on the Wii?". So, as many of my musings do, it became a quest. A quest to convert a video and play it on my Wii.

It would seem that this is no easy task for a Mac user such as I. Not without expensive software that is. I found out that the Wii played a video format called a Motion Jpeg. But even when I would convert a video to this format it still would simply not play on the Wii. I began to get frustrated. But then I discovered something amazing. Its called Wii Transfer. It basically sets up a special web based server on your local network from your Mac (sorry Windows users... not really lol) that you can surf to from the Wii Internet Channel. The page it generates has links to your Itunes music folder, your Iphoto folder and a folder for your converted videos. You just click on the link and select what you want to play / view. The program is dirt cheap and works wonders. It does take a bit of time to convert the videos, but then again so does just about any good video converter.

The coolest part is that the page is viewable to any computer on your network as well. So basically, the gigs upon gigs of music that I have on my external hard drive are all now also available to my wife (not that she likes the music I listen to but the fact that its available is what counts). Seeing as how the software only runs a few bucks and does all the work for you its probably the cheapest / easiest way to set up a home media server even if you don't have a Wii and just want to listen to your music collection from other computers on you network.

Definitely two thumbs up!

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RetroPengo said...

Luckily us SUPERIOR windows users can download a completely free program called Super(C) and convert any video to any other format we want, and then just swap it in with the SD card :)

haha, sucker. :P

I put my rifftrax movies on my blackberry storm with Super(C). Try it out in a windows environment sometime.