Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Release the BEAST!!!

If any of you have switched to Mac from PC then you will know about the withdrawals that come with it. For most, the ability to play many of the games that come is the hardest thing to part with. For me it isn't so much that as it is the loss of MS Paint. I really love that program and nothing else is quite like it.

Well, for those who are in this boat, Boot Camp is usually the answer. Not me though, because for some reason, it always fails when it tries to partition my hard drive. Perhaps because my internal drive is extremely sad when it comes to size so there isn't a single speck of it that hasn't been used at least once. I even did a total reformat on the drive once and attempted Boot Camp right after a fresh OS X install with the same outcome.

At any rate, I decided to try VM ware Fusion. I installed my old copy of XP on it... and it ran like poop. I expected so much. We ARE talking emulation here. And running two OSs at the same time. So I wrote off running Windows all together.

But then... I came upon a forum post about this hacked version of windows called TinyXP Beast edition. Its insanely small. Some how, these hackers managed to strip XP down to its bare essentials. IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE INTERNET EXPLORER!!! I was always under the impression that XP and Explorer were integrated into one another and that you couldn't have one without the other. Guess I was wrong. Not only does it run like a bat out of hell, I threw some of my old games at it and they ran! It was like running Windows natively. I guess in will run on almost nothing for system specs and if you have it native it boots in like 10 seconds. I believe it. It screams on my Mac Mini running emulated in the background.

I haven't tested too many games on it yet but I can't wait to try!

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RetroPengo said...

Wow. TinyXP Beast sounds fun! Things are looking up for you though! a lot of games are starting to come out for both PC and Mac now. Wait till Diablo III hits some time. I'll definitely fight alongside you against the hordes of hell. You on your mac and me on my PC :)