Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Death of an Icon

Part of my childhood died the other day. A massive part. Captain Lou Albano, former WWF wrestler and the live action personality of Mario on the Super Mario Bros. Super Show as well as the voice of the cartoon character. I grew up watching that show religiously. So much so in fact, that to this day the voice of Mario that I hear in my head is still the voice of Captain Lou. He WAS Mario, and to me he always will be. I'm an American and to me that cartoon was the REAL Mario and Luigi. I was offended when Mario 64 came out and they said that Princess Toadstool was actually named Peach. I was even more upset by the lame "It's ah me... Mario!". What ever happened to PASTA POWER! Granted, I doubt the Super Mario Bros. Super Show was a hit on Japanese TV and if it was it sure as heck didn't have the voices of Lou Albano and Danny Wells. But I always dreamed of Lou doing the voice of Mario in one of the games with Danny as Luigi. It would be a real nod to us Americans who grew up with Nintendo everything. I still wish they would bring the Nintendo Cereal System back LOL.