Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Codecademy Update!

I just popped over to Codecademy to continue with my coursework and POW!!!  There is a whole new track of stuff to learn.  They added Python to their courses.  Guess I know what I'm working on next!  I still plan on running through the Udacity courses as they seem to cover quite a bit more ground, but it's nice to see even more cool FREE stuff being offered.  I also really like the format Codecademy has.  Udacity integrates video as the primary mode of teaching and though this does make it much more like a real college lecture based course it also expands the amount of time required to complete the units.  If a unit contains X number of minutes of video you know that it will take you at least that long to go though it all.  But like I said, they take it WAY further than the basics.  By the end of Udacity's programing classes (I think there are three dealing with Python) you have built a search engine, a blogging platform and a freaking web browser!!!

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